3 Pairs of Jeans Every Man Should Own

Versatile, comfortable and durable, jeans are one of the essential items of clothing in any men’s wardrobe. Jeans are the one thing that a guy can wear every day of the week without looking like he’s wearing the same outfit twice.

They can be dressed up depending on what you like to pair it up with. This makes them an ideal choice for someone who doesn’t want to spend much time thinking about their outfit. Plus, their versatility also means that you don’t need to have more than 3 to 4 pairs, as long as you invest in quality and timeless styles.

Here we’ve rounded up few pairs of jeans that every man should own.

Regular fit – This timeless piece is a must-have in your closet. They can be easily found in any store. Most men own a pair because they are the standard fit but the measurement might differ from brand to brand. They rest lightly against your buttocks giving enough room in the crotch to move around easily. You must get your hands on a regular fit pair of denim as they can be worn practically anywhere and are never out of fashion.

ripped jeans
Ripped or distressed – Ripped or distressed jeans are something to consider if you are looking for more of a casual alternative. These jeans are an ultimate nod to summer and with the first glimpse of warmer weather to come, it is time to upgrade your wardrobe by buying ripped jeans for men. Though they look quite aggressive, having one of them help you keep the rockstar in you alive.

Feather touch – Feather touch denim are a cool new range of super soft and stretchable types of denim. They are not just smooth but equally rugged. The good stretching fabric makes this extremely comfortable denim you need to stock in your wardrobe.

Make sure you have these 3 in your wardrobe and don’t be afraid to go for ripped jeans if that is your style.


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